Nutritional Supplement Testing

Flora Research Laboratories, LLC

Solvent Residues by Headspace-GC-MS.  Using a mass spectrometer greatly reduces false positive hits and elevated values due to matrix interferences.  USP<467> residues are fast and accurate.  This instrument is dedicated solely to headspace analysis of volatiles.

Heavy Metal (USP <2232> and others), Nutrient Elements and Phytoforensic Profiling using our state-of-the-art ICP-UCT-MS.  This technology is a far superior form of ICP-MS which helps reduce falsely elevated values for many toxic elements. 

USP <561> Pesticide Residue screens are conducted on this highly advanced GC-QQQ (triple quad GCMS) system.  The advanced ultra-inert, dual column, bacflush pathway allows for rapid analysis of residues with confirmation in one run.  This high end system is used only for this single test to ensure cross contamination is minimized. 

Botanical Identity by HPTLC or Microscopy under the direction of our FDA trained botanical microscopist and a highly trained staff including our taxonomist and botanist means you get comprehensive identity testing and solid defensible data.

With over two and a half decades of expertise in natural products chemistry and phytoforensic science, we are the leading experts in botanical identity and dietary supplement testing.