Flora Research Laboratories, LLC

   -Press Release-


Flora Research Laboratories Discovers Counterfeiting of Analytical Reports


(Grants Pass, Oregon- December 21, 2022)- Flora Research Laboratories, LLC, an independent analytical testing laboratory specializing in the research and analysis of botanicals and dietary supplements is advising stakeholders to be aware of counterfeit analytical reports circulating on the internet. 


It recently came to our attention that reports we provided to a client for the analysis of phytochemical markers and heavy metals in Amanita muscaria tinctures and mushroom caps have been altered, reproduced, and distributed by several companies selling amanita gummies and tinctures.


In some instances, a name was inserted in the reports other than the name of our client , for whom our work was done, and in other instances. the authentic FRL quantitative numbers were replaced with fictitious numbers. 


“We take counterfeiting of our reports very seriously and have referred this matter to our legal counsel and the appropriate authorities for further action.  Reports issued by our laboratory can only be reproduced in their entirety and unaltered subject to our standard terms and conditions,” says James Kababick, Director of Flora Research Laboratories, LLC (FRL).  “While FRL does not disclose client confidential information, we can confirm whether or not a given report is legitimate of not.” 


As one of the most highly regarding research and testing commercial laboratories with nearly 30 years of experience in natural products research, Flora Research Laboratories, LLC has taken the lead in the rapidly expanding medicinal mushroom market by developing proprietary analytical technologies for the analysis of psychoactive mushrooms such as Amanita muscaria for legitimate research and investigation.  Unfortunately, bad actors are attempting to sell their products, often marketed as “legal highs” by illegally using FRL’s good name. 


Stakeholders can contact FRL directly to verify the validity of a report issued by our company.