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For over 28 years, Flora Research Laboratories, has offered an extensive array of chromatographic (HPLC and GC) assays for dietary supplements and botanical ingredients as well as our botanical identity testing services by HPTLC and microscopy.  Many leading companies consistently rely on FRL for high quality, defensible data and we want to add you to our growing list of loyal clients.  To make things easier, we are offering a new discount structure.  Gone are the days of “1-2 samples full price, 3-5 samples 25% off, … 10+ samples 50% off.”  We have restructured pricing on several of our routine tests to save you money and allow you to do the additional testing you need for lot representative data or vendor qualification without breaking the bank.  When you submit two or more samples for any of our routine HPLC & GC assays or our identity tests (including microscopy, HPTLC, FTIR and FTNIR) you now get 50% off the cost of analysis for the second sample onwards.  This will make new vendor searches much less costly as you evaluate various samples together.  It will also allow for more pulls and testing of large lots of raw materials to comply with statistically valid sampling and testing plans.

Example: You want to evaluate ten vendors of ginseng root standardized extract and need HPLC analysis of ginsenoside content and identity testing.

Test: HPLC-QNT-GINSENG-001:  Quantitative Analysis of Ginsenosides in Ginseng Root or Extract by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Old Pricing: $295.00 for first sample and $265.50 for each additional sample = $2684.00

New Pricing: $295.00 for first sample and $147.50 for each additional sample = $1622.00

Test: TLC-ID: Qualitative Confirmation of Botanical Identity by Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)

Old Pricing: $225.00 per sample = $2250.00

New Pricing: $225.00 for the first sample and $112.50 for each additional sample = $1237.50

The new pricing structure saves you over $2000.00 on this one project.  Imagine what saving 50% across the board on many routine tests will do for your yearly budget.

The discount applies to our routine HPLC assays for vitamins and botanical markers AND to all of our routine botanical and dietary ingredient identity testing by HPTLC, microscopy, FTIR and FTNIR.

Best of all, you get our new all color digital multi-page image reports for botanical identity testing by HPTLC and microscopy as well as when you order our BOT-ID test.  Enjoy receiving large scale color HPTLC plate images and micrographs that you can actually see.

We also offer structured discounts on our metals, solvents and pesticide residue panels.

For more information, please contact our office.  We look forward to serving your needs.