Phytoforensic investigation of valerian root powder.  Microscopical examination after ashing showing silica bulking. Left image visible stereomicroscopy.  Right image polarized light stereomicroscopy.  Bright particles are silicates used to bulk product and add weight.

HPTLC of various grasses used in dietary supplements.  Many juvenile grasses are adulterated with post grain harvested stalks.  The FRL BOT-ID package is essential for detecting these common adulteration schemes.

American and Asian Ginsengs are both adulterated with each other.  While American ginseng is more costly, the rootlets are a byproduct that are added back to Asian ginseng to raise the ginsenoside content.  Utilizing both Rf and F11 help to detect these adulteration schemes.

Flora Research Laboratories, LLC

Founded in 1993, Flora Research Laboratories, LLC focused intensely on the authentication of natural plant derived essential oils in the aromatherapy, flavor and fragrance industry.  With millions of dollars in fraud, many EOs were found to be heavily adulterated.  James Kababick, our founder and director, developed many of the highly specialized detection techniques used today in our laboratory and saved untold clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by protecting them from the use of adulterated oils.  This same innovation is applied today to all of our botanical authentication techniques as well as our various phytoforenisc screening methods used for examination of dietary supplement raw materials and finished products.  James pioneered the field of phytoforensic science which is now globally recognized by leaders at NIH, USP and throughout the industry.

While we are best known for our highly specialized work, FRL offers a full suite of analytical and consulting services for the dietary supplement industry.  Heavy metals, solvents, pesticide residues, potency and more.  Contact us for more information.